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Our main offerings for commercial use.

SEO ICONS • $20.00

Gourmet Search Engine Optimization

A fresh, optimized look, 7 sizes and 3 formats make these 100 icons the best choice for your modern & clean website. As a plus, their enticing aroma will cause search engines to flock to your website like bees to honey.

SEO sizes and formats
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Free Icons

Try our samplers before you buy. Keep them for your personal projects.


Gourmet Search Engine Optimization

Download a sample from the main set. Try them in you project. If they fit buy the whole set otherwise keep them for your personal projects. The package contains 16 icons in PNG format at the very useful resolution of 64x64 pixels. DOWNLOAD

SEO Icons Sampler

Custom Icons & Pictograms

For the conoisseur palates who know and demand the very best only.

When our regular menu just isn't enough to satisfy your refined taste we are ready to cater to your special needs.
Our excellent Italian Chef is willing and able to design and deliver custom icons for you. Just take a look at his Portfolio, read his inspiring Articles and Tutorials and feast on his Free Icons. And don't forget to get acquainted with his design process.
When you're ready to order please get in touch with us. The Chef will contact you personally!

The Kitchen and The Chef

Essential information for a tasty and healthy icon experience.

Our excellent Chef Andrea Austoni

Icon Kitchen is the tastiest stock icons store on the block!
We deliver gourmet icon sets at palatable prices.
Our awesome Chef, Italian designer and illustrator Andrea Austoni of Cute Little Factory fame, is responsible for delivering a delicious and affordable icon experience.
He has a background in architecture, an uncanny knack for languages and a professional life that spans over ten years and three countries. Armed with his trademark striped shirt, polka dot apron and capacious toque he invents the recipes, wields the utensils and cooks wonderful new icon sets for satisfied customers all over the world.
Just look at him!

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